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Posted by: Erik Ramsey - 02/09/12 @ 12:16AM

The 7th Annual Carolina Games Summit was held Saturday February 4, 2012 at Wayne Community College. The spectacular event featured speakers and exhibitors from several game development companies, along with representatives from local colleges and schools who feature game design programs. This all day event also held 18 tournaments across all gaming platforms and genres. The top three tournament winners were recognized in front of a packed auditorium of their fellow gamers at the end of the day during the student produced awards ceremony. During the ceremony, custom made videos showed off each game before the winners were escorted to the stage to receive their award. All of the custom videos during the ceremony were produced by Simulation and Game Development students at Wayne Community College. And all first place winners received a custom made plaque imprinted with a full color image unique to each tournament and are created by former WCC Networking student Josh Berns.

In addition all top three winners receive medals along with a prize pack built by CGS and supplied by the event sponsors.

"We do not advertise prizes ahead of the event, just the custom made plaques and medals." Michael Everett an Instructor at Wayne Community College and the events Creative Director states, "We want our attendees to come for fun and recognition not for the prizes, that way when they receive a prize it is like a bonus."

The event had 82 winners across 18 tournaments who strive to be the best at their chosen game and make the months of practice worth it. The winners displayed below are some of the most hard core gamers who practice their skills on a regular basis and dedicate themselves to being the best. A majority of them may be practicing to become professional gamers but sadly few will achieve the status of Pro Gamer. Many gamers play competitively for years and never reach it, but in some cases players can bring in six figure salaries by joining leagues such as Major League Gaming where Electronic Sports Gamers sign $250,000 yearly contracts to play games!

The Carolina Games Summit isn't just about video games either! It also hosts several card gaming tournaments and a cos-play contest is judged by Penny Dreadful Productions, an Atlanta based conceptual design and physical production company. Their masterful work has been seen in major motion pictures such as The Book of Eli and The Walking Dead. The Carolina Games Summit congratulates this years winners, and looks forward to seeing them all back next year with improved skills and a winner take all attitude! The 8th Annual Carolina Games Summit is slated for February 2nd, 2013 and each year the Carolina Games Summit strives to better itself and include more features, attendees, and partners. For more information about the event please visit

Gears of War 3 4v4 Team

Tournament Director – Jacob McCullough

Sponsored by the developer of Gear's of War 3, Epic Games, of Raleigh, NC

1st Place: Team Twisted

Tyler Newton

Micheal Newton

Dylan Wertz

Micheal Edwards

2nd Place: Team The Cliffy Bees

Charles Mercer

David Morris

Micheal Hicks

Mike Sasko

3rd Place: Team Above the Rest

Brandon Crider

Edward Crider

Joey Smith

Austin Harr

Tekken 6

Tournament Director – Erik Ramsey

1st Place: Larry Anderson (For the third year in a row!)

2nd Place: Shaun Cosby

3rd Place: Mike McCarley

Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition

Tournament Director – Gilbert Nicks

1st Place: William White

2nd Place: Jon Layton

3rd Place: Daryl Gatling

Dance Central 2

Tournament Director – Scott Grant

Sponsored by the developer of Dance Central 2: Harmonix!

1st Place: Anthony Roman

2nd Place: Kyle Bennettv

3rd Place: Superman Kent

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Tournament Director – Joshua Parker

1st Place: Andy Lim

2nd Place: Jacob Baker

3rd Place: Taheem Armstrong

Starcraft 2

Tournament Director – Cody Vaughn

1st Place: Jerred Miklowcic

2nd Place: Bradleigh Sceviour

3rd Place: Jason Seeley

Madden 2012

Tournament Director – John Larson

1st Place: Michael Gonzalez

2nd Place: Bradley Whitmire

Halo Reach FFA

Tournament Director – Sami Pickard

1st Place: Ryan Cianci

2nd Place: Cody Sterling

3rd Place: Michael Mercer

Call of Duty MW3 4v4

Tournament Director – James Braswell

1st Place: Team Clayton's Finest

Ethan Jones

Adam Evans

Jason Homick

Butler Collins

2nd Place: Team Florida Dream Team

Kenneth Johnson

Johnathan Willis

Greg Wilhelm

Christopher Johnson

3rd Place: Team sYnergy

Micheal Britt

Jose Perez

Codey Baker

Micheal Perez

NBA 2K12

Tournament Director – John Larson

1st Place: Kwamaine Goodman

2nd Place: Justin Ambrose

Yu Gi Oh Constructed

Tournament Director – Johnna Koonce

1st Place: Kevin Davis (For the 3rd Year in a Row!)

2nd Place: Blake Maready

3rd Place: Chad Artis

Magic the Gathering Standard

Tournament Director – Johnna Koonce

1st Place: Bryan Butler

2nd Place: David Harper

3rd Place: Jeff Guy

Magic the Gathering Draft

Tournament Director – Johnna Koonce

1st Place: Ryan Polcano

2nd Place: Randy Gilley

3rd Place: Zack Munn

Call of Duty MW3 FFA

Tournament Director – Tomas McGee

1st Place: Austin Holmes

2nd Place: Austin Sandy

3rd Place: Cody Adams

Halo Reach 4v4

Tournament Director – Sami Pickard

1st Place: Team Dig Bicks

Patrick Rishe

Keaton Webb

Sam Mahadan

Hayden Crooks

2nd Place: Team We Dont Even Play!

Billy Harless

Kalvin Le Roy

Blake Ledbetter

Ryan Cianci

3rd Place: Team Capture the Crown

Daniel Swift

Cody Sterling

Micheal Mercer

Wes Albrecht

Bloodline Champions 2v2

Tournament Director – Andrew Howell

Sponsored by the Publisher of Bloodline Champions, FUNCOM!

1st Place: Team We Love To Rage

Nicholas Donegan

Bethanie Riddle

2nd Place: Team Interrupts Like Kanye

Matthew Mangelli

Michael Mangelli

3rd Place: Team You're just Gelli.

Stephan Loehr

Brandon Smith

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Tournament Director – Erik Ramsey

1st Place: Jonathan Layton

2nd Place: William White

3rd Place: Jason Tran

Mortal Kombat

Tournament Director – Gilbert Nicks

1st Place: Larry Anderson

2nd Place: Dru Russ

3rd Place: Mike McCarley

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