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Posted by: Leanna Greene - 12/29/06 @ 4:46PM
Speakers Today we introduce our newest G2Expo 2006 speaker footage of Rafael Chandler, entitled “The Future of Narrative in Games”.

This video takes a look into the writing and composing processes.

From the two different concepts of myth versus logic story lines as well as the different styles someone may have of stringing a storyboard together.

He even delves slightly into the next generation of consoles and the work that they bring with them as well as the benefits.

Rafael Chandler is the Creative Director of Media Sunshine Inc., a company that provides consulting services to game developers and publishers.  Prior to that, he worked for Ubisoft as a writer/designer on the Tom Clancy series of games.

This is another in depth look into the video game industry that isn’t worth missing!  Click here to see the video.

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