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Posted by: Leanna Greene - 11/13/06 @ 10:37PM
SpeakersTimothy Buie's footage from G2Expo'06 was recently released and is available in our event footage section.  This is just a small taste of his entire presentation.

Timothy Buie is an assistant professor in the College of Design at North Carolina State University. He’s been working in the Industrial Design Department for ten years and occasionally teaches an art and design class.

Introducing us to the world of games through scholastics; he teaches classes such as digital imaging and ID400 Real and Modeling & Animation and is proposing more classes such as ID292 which would cover game design, the phenomenon of games, and the inner makings of a game.

Buie states that he has been seeing a lack of creativity in video games. His students have the creativity it just needs to be harvested. Working together the students create games and in his opinion certainly know how to make things and make them appealing to the masses!

The students learn to how to draw and draw a lot. Everything starts with and idea and then moves into the pitch. A ton of hard work is involved to design, create, and produce a demo. The end of the clip gives a vibrant example of the outcome once everything is followed through.

To get a more in depth feel, check out of the video!

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