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Posted by: Tim Vo - 04/03/24 @ 10:00AM

As the 2024 Playthrough Gaming Convention came to a close on Sunday, March 17th, over 200 consoles and PCs shut down and the last of 15 esports tournaments came to final rounds. Out of 625 competitors, only a chosen few walked away with the title of first, second, or third place winner. Here is the complete list of this year's winners!

L to R: Zachary Deemer and Matthew Harris 1st Place

Fortnite Duos No Builds

  1. Zachary Deemer & Matthew Harris
  2. Riley Hutchison & Evan Gartner
  3. Hunter Sheffler & Micah Tondee

L to R: 1st Place Zachary Deemer, 2nd Place Aiden Avelar, and 3rd Place Matthew Harris

Fortnite Solos, No Build

  1. Zachary Deemer
  2. Aiden Avelar
  3. Matthew Harris

L to R: 2nd Place Sonny Gajigianis, 2st Place Zachary Deemer, and 3rd Place Aiden Heaney

Fortnite Solos

  1. Zachary Deemer
  2. Sonny Gajigianis
  3. Aiden Heaney

L to R 2nd Place Skylar T., 1st Place Tomeire G., and 3rd Place Colomon C.

Guilty Gear Strive

  1. Tomeire G.
  2. Skylar T.
  3. Solomon C.

L to R: 2nd Place Zach Pettinicchi, 1st Place Robert Heck, and 3rd Place Dave Haire

Gran Turismo 7

  1. Robert Heck
  2. Zach Pettinicchi
  3. Dave Haire

First Place Winners: Lance Lyerly, Mason Newton, Mitchell Newton, and Andrew Baldwin

Halo Infinite 4v4

  1. First Place Winners
    • Lance Lyerly
    • Mason Newton
    • Mitchell Newton
    • Andrew Baldwin
  2. Second Place Winners
    • Ian Gans
  3. Third Place Winners
    • Christian Almeyda
    • Katelyn Broadway
    • Noah Jacques
    • Phoenix Williams

L to R 3rd Place David Hudson, 1st Place Lance Lyerly, 2nd Place Ian Gans, and 4th Aiden Avelar

Halo Infinite Free For All

  1. Lance Lyerly
  2. Ian Gans
  3. David Hudson
  4. Aiden Avelar

L to R 2nd Place Naomi Proctor, 1st Place Jesse Proctor, and 3rd Place Craig Downes

JS Joust

  1. Jesse Proctor
  2. Naomi Proctor
  3. Craig Downes

L to R 2nd Place Caeley Tucker, 1st Place Holly Serrano, and 3rd Place Andrea Nagy

Just Dance 2024

  1. Holly Serrano
  2. Caeley Tucker
  3. Andrea Nagy

L to R 3rd Place Michael Howard and Hunter Dubar, 2nd Place Arden Hecate and Catalina Morris, and on the bottom row 1st Place Eric Nissen and Matthew Wyker

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Doubles

  1. Eric Nissen and Matthew Wyker
  2. Arden Hecate and Catalina Morris
  3. Michael Howard and Hunter Dubar

Not Pictured: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Winners due to camera memory card error

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Singles

  1. Jonah Collier
  2. Eric Nissen
  3. Josh Allen

Not Pictured: Mobile Suit Gundam Winners due to camera memory card error

Mobile Suit Gundam

  1. Noah Hines
  2. Jarvis Nguyen
  3. Colby Phetdara

Mortal Kombat 1 1st Place Winner Anthony Bialer

Mortal Kombat 1

  1. Anthony Bialer
  2. Jake Buff
  3. Alvontay Smith

Not Pictured: Rocket League 2v2 Winners due to camera memory card error

Rocket League 2v2

  1. Braydan Koegel & Coleman Arehart
  2. Ethan Slocum & Daniel Bradford
  3. Ben Laurita & Marquis Hargrove

L to R 3rd Place Mirrye Graham, 1st Place William Thomas, 2nd Place Tyrece Jones

Street Fighter 6

  1. William Thomas
  2. Tyrece Jones
  3. Mirrye Graham

Not Pictured: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Doubles Winners due to camera memory card error

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Doubles

  1. Rafael Baez and Ash Dan
  2. Cameron Holmes and Daniel Bourbonnais
  3. Nathan Hawxwell and Elliot Hiraldo

L to R 3rd Place Lucy Wagner, 1st Place Cleo Yang, 2nd Place Cameron Holmes

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Singles

  1. Cleo Yang
  2. Cameron Holmes
  3. Lucy Wagner

L to R 3rd Place Tevin Bridges, 1st Place Jason Moreno, 2nd Place Jakai Alston

Tekken 8

  1. Jason Moreno
  2. Jakai Alston
  3. Tevin Bridges

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