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CLT Esports C J Collins of Charlotte and Triangle Delta Esports Tyler Dobbins of Raleigh will be hosting a panel discussion at the upcoming Carolina Games Summit on Saturday, February 1st, Noon at The Maxwell Center in Goldsboro, NC. The panel will also be streamed live at Viewers and attendees will gain an understanding of the esports industry within North Carolina from two of the hottest cities fueling the industry, Raleigh and Charlotte.

Triangle Delta Esports and CLT Esports

Johnna Koonce, Executive Producer for the Carolina Games Summit, states “It is easy for people to make promises in this industry, we have two individuals who are bringing real hard work to North Carolina esports and we are excited for them to speak at our event.”

C J Collins is the Co-Owner of CLT Esports and currently manages both talent and events in the greater Charlotte area. CLT Esports focus is currently within the Call of Duty and Rocket League space with their first Call of Duty event garnering over 700 simultaneous stream views and ranking second for Call of Duty twitch streams of the day. CLT Esports sponsor was the host of that initial event that took place on their Charlotte campus. C J Collins states, “Esports will be bigger than the MLS, NBA, and NFL in the next 15 years.”

Tyler Dobbins is the owner of Triangle Delta Esports. He manages a community of esports athletes across the industry with a home base in the Triangle area of North Carolina. The focus for TDE is to recruit talented esports athletes and provide them with a platform/brand to compete for in the esports industry. TDE is partnering with local community organizations and seeking opportunities for organic growth that can lead to North Carolina is a highly recognized state in the industry. “Esports is a sector of future entertainment backed by a generation that enjoys competitive gaming as much if not more than traditional sports,” says Tyler.

“Both C J and Tyler have a willingness to share their experiences and techniques used to grow their respective businesses, in an industry, growing as fast as esports this will be essential to keep momentum going for all of us.” says Michael Everett, Creative Director for the Carolina Games Summit.

Tickets are available to the public and may be purchased online or at the door. Visit the official web site,, for a full listing of all the speakers, exhibitors, and additional details. Contact the event organizers at for more information on attending, exhibiting or speaking at the Carolina Games Summit.

About Triangle Delta Esports
Triangle Delta Esports is an organization based in the Triangle area of North Carolina with the goal of recruiting and contracting talented esports athletes to compete and represent the brand in the industry. Their vision is to have top contending teams in each of the wide variety of esports. With the support of their fans, they’re able to provide content from the local and national competition as well as streaming. TDE players stay at the top of their game through training and community to bring professional esports to North Carolina. TDE currently has 41 contracted athletes ranging the full gamut of esports including Battle Royale (Apex Legends, Fortnite), First Person & Third Person Shooter (Counter-strike, Rainbow Six, Overwatch, Halo, Gears of War), Sports (Madden, NBA 2K, Rocket League), Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (League of Legends), and Fighting (Super Smash Bros, Street Fighter) with the goal of building a team in every esport. You can learn more about TDE at or on your favorite social media platform.

About CLT Esports
CLT Esports is a hub to allow players to compete in a variety of esports titles in various venues in the city of Charlotte. The goal is to create community, educate schools, and enjoy esports together. We currently use our events to showcase the esports model for those who are foreign to the environment. Additional information can be found on the official web site:

About Carolina Games Summit
Carolina Games Summit® hosts events throughout the year to give amateur esports enthusiasts access to professionally run tournaments as well as industry advice and contacts. Our goal is to provide a clear path for all individuals seeking a career in professional gaming through scholarships, educational opportunities, and professionally run tournaments. Additional information can be found on the official web site:

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