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Posted by: Michael Everett - 02/04/09 @ 9:50AM

Due to issues at our web server cluster and possibly our events popularity, we have experienced several instances of downtime over the past 24-48 hours.  Luckily the system engineers at our hosting company have been working around the clock to limit this downtime and fix all the issues.

If our page does not display or you are unable to log in it is likely because of these issues. 

On a positive note we have experienced record online registrations and extended the registration period until Thursday Feb 5th at Midnight.  You will be able to purchase tickets online until this time.  Online tournament registration will continue to be available until the actual tournament starts Saturday morning. 

If you are having a hard time figuring out the tournament registration system please visit this forum post about the topic:


Posted by: Michael Everett - 01/23/09 @ 1:31AM
I have a special message from our new official power supply brand that should excite all our attendees!  They have donated over $2,000 in power supplies to be given away at our event.  The company is FSP Group and they are a returning sponsor.  Please click read more to get all the detailed information on this new sponsorship.
Dear Carolina Games Summit Attendees,
FSP Group, one of the leading (Global Top-10) Power Conversion Designer and Manufacturer, has been a proud sponsor of Carolina Games Summit and for 2009, we are here once again in continuing to pledge our support to this great event.
In an effort to further enhance our products and services to benefit gamers, FSP Group has launched an exciting Gamers Direct website, , a FSP Group Direct website to Gamers, IT professionals, Electronic Engineers, System Designers, and Platform Developers, of whom are seeking a comprehensive, hassle-free, secured and direct source of high-quality power conversion technology for their respective applications.
For this event only, Carolina Games Summit attendees can benefit from:
1.  A $10 OFF PER ORDER, PROMOTIONAL CODE: CGS09, starting from Feb 1, 09 and expires on Feb 17, 09.
2.  FSP Group is giving away a FREE, high-quality power supply EVERY MONTH, ground shipping is included, by simply signing up for the Newsletter using a valid email address.  One entry per email address, per household only.
3.  There will be random SURVEY questionnaire available (visit link CUSTOMER SURVEY), and it will be updated frequently.  The survey is to help FSP Group improve its products and services to better serve you.  BY COMPLETING THE SURVEY, YOU'VE DOUBLED YOUR CHANCE OF WINNING THE MONTHLY DRAWING.
4.  FREE "SURPRISED" GIFT IN EVERY ORDER, included FSP logo hats, T-Shirts, and many other promotional items.  One gift per order, selected at random depending on availability at the time when order is being  processed.
For more information about FSP Group products and services, please visit or email to
On behalf of everyone at FSP Group, we thank you, enjoy this fantastic event and HAVE FUN !
Best Regards,
Magdalene Siu,
FSP Group, North America Marketing
We are excited to expand our connection with the attendees and participants of this year’s Carolina Games Summit, by highlighting our 2009 speakers, tournaments, and other features on a dedicated event profile at!
You can setup your own free gamer profile and become our friend to get all the latest Carolina Games Summit highlights, while also enjoying this unique and growing video game community. In an effort to make connecting with our GoG profile easy and smooth, you can get straight to the sign up page that has our unique Referral Code already dropped into the form, just click here: Join and Connect with Carolina Games Summit Highlights
This will allow you to join the GoG video game community and automatically have the Carolina Games Summit as a “Top Friend”.   Banners, “Chronicles”, and forum discussions will also point you to our exciting GoG event profile, so we’ll see you there!

The Gathering of Gamers (GoG) was an idea that was conceived while playing video games! This unique and growing Worldwide Video Game Community is a place where people of all ages, locations, and levels of interest in video games, come to share photos, videos, stories, strategies, cheats, and anything else you want, with other friendly gamers around the world!
Whether it’s connecting with current friends, making new ones, or checking out video game event highlights… is a place where you can build and display all the aspects of gaming that you enjoy for FREE. The possibilities and power of this unique Video Game Community are endless and we truly hope you can you can embrace and enjoy the tools (and toys) we have built for you.
Sign up today and you’ll soon be enjoying a fully customizable gamer profile that allows you to upload your own photos and videos, share your video game reviews and stories, access gaming resources from around the globe, get information on local and online video game tournaments, trade video games, listen to our community driven podcast, and share your gaming world with ours!
Posted by: Michael Everett - 01/05/09 @ 8:02PM

Many thanks go to our graphics designer Josh Berens and our programmer Joseph Pender. Together they have created and implemented the new site.  Our team hopes you enjoy the new layout and will be able to find what you are looking for quickly and easily.

Josh Berens is a graduate of the Wayne Community College Network Administration program and has been designing graphics for the Carolina Games Summit since 2005.

Joseph Pender is a current student in the Simulation and Game Design program at Wayne Community College. He runs his own web design company and is a self taught game designer. For more info visit his website He has been contributing to the Carolina Games Summit since 2007.

If you have questions or comments please feel free to post in the forums or fill out the contact form! Check back often as the new site continues to evolve with your feedback.

Posted by: Michael Everett - 12/29/08 @ 1:42AM
It is with great pleasure to announce that as of this morning our Tournament Registration System is online and fully operational. Individual tournament registration has been online for months but until now teams were unable to register together for a tournament. The current system was completely overhauled and now allows for team passwords, partial team registration, and an alternates team list.

To access this new feature you simply must upgrade your account to pre-registered status, by purchasing a $10 ticket. Your account will be instantly upgraded allowing you to visit the existing tournaments page and register for tournaments. For those of you who like things in list form here are the steps once more:

  1. Create an account on using your real name, a valid email, etc.
  2. Purchase a ticket: Ticket Purchasing Link
  3. Simply use the "Click Here to Register" link on the existing tournaments page: Tournaments Page Link
  4. If the tournament is a team tournament you will be asked to join an existing team or create a new team.
  5. You can view your current registration status on the tournaments page listed in step #3.
  6. You can see all currently registered participants by clicking the tournaments name on the tournaments page listed in step #3

If you want to withdraw from a tournament simply LOGIN and then visit the tournaments page, find the tournament you are signed up for on the list and use the "Click Here to Withdraw" link.

Restrictions: You can sign up for more than one tournament ONLY when those tournaments have the same location aka are in the same room! So if you want to sign up for all 2D Fighters you can. If you want to sign up for Halo FFA and 4v4 you can. If you want to sign up for all 2D and 1 3D fighter, you can not.

Please note that no team can exist without at least one participant. Therefore the last person to leave a team, even if it is not the founder of the team, will cause the team to be automatically deleted. Do not worry however because you can re-create a team and have it deleted an unlimited amount of times.

Please check the system out and let us know what you think. Users can join and leave tournaments an unlimited number of times UNLESS the tournament becomes full and subsequently stops accepting registrations.

Posted by: Tracy Schmeltzer - 12/10/08 @ 2:38PM
Pre-register online and reserve your spot at this year's Carolina Games Summit. General admission tickets are on sale at the price of $10. Buying your tickets in advance will give you immediate access to our online tournament registration system and access to all the speakers, exhibits, and free-play gaming you can handle!  Buying your ticket online will also allow you to use our special preregistered attendees entrance.

To buy tickets you must first create an account on our site.  You may buy multiple tickets at a time but only the buyers account will be able to access our tournament registration system.  So if want to use our online tournament registration system you must buy your ticket seperately.

Keep visting for all the latest news and information on our upcoming event.

Posted by: Michael Everett - 12/03/08 @ 1:01AM

The Carolina Games Summit will be held 10 a.m.-9 p.m. on Saturday, February 7, 2009 at Wayne Community College in Goldsboro, NC. Tickets are available to the public for $10 each and may be purchased online or at the door. The event includes video game tournaments, industry speakers, live music, educational sessions, and exhibition booths. An exciting mix of fun, academic opportunities and career exploration has been created for students, aspiring game developers, educators and professionals alike.

Attendees may participate in sponsored tournaments and enjoy unlimited free-play on full-size classic arcades as well as the latest consoles and computer gaming systems.

Building on the continued success of past years over 15 tournaments and numerous speakers from a variety of game development firms and educational institutions will be featured. Due to overwhelming interest, organizers have scheduled two keynote speakers for this year's event.

Insomniac Games' North Carolina Studio Director Chad Dezern and Production Director Shaun McCabe will give an in depth look at Insomniac's production philosophy during their keynote. They'll pull examples from their latest blockbuster titles: Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty and Resistance 2. In addition, they will provide an overview of hiring standards geared toward students interested in joining the game industry.

Media Sunshine's founder and producer Heather Chandler and writer Rafael Chandler will present the lessons they've learned during their combined 22 years in the trenches of the game industry. The husband-and-wife team will wrap up this keynote presentation with a look at their upcoming projects, including the PS3 shooter M.A.G. (Massive Action Game) and the stealth-action title Cipher Complex.

Hands-on training sessions by seasoned game development professionals and college educators will also be returning. The student showcase room will give budding game developers the chance to display their work directly to industry professionals. Rounding out the event, the exhibition hall will be packed with industry and educational representatives.

Visit the official web site,, for a listing of events and additional details. Contact the event organizers, Michael Everett and Tracy Schmeltzer, at (919) 735-5151 or info(at)carolinagamessummit(dot)com for more information on attending, exhibiting or speaking at the Carolina Games Summit.

About Carolina Games Summit:
Carolina Games Summit is an event featuring both video game development sessions and highly competitive tournaments. Every year the organizers create an inviting atmosphere for both consumers and developers of video games. Hosted by Wayne Community College in Goldsboro, NC the event encourages career and educational exploration in an environment the entire family can enjoy. Attendees can discover all the opportunities the video game industry has to offer while interacting with gamers from all across the country. Additional information can be found on the official web site at

About Insomniac Games:
Insomniac Games is a wholly independent console videogames developer that has released award-winning hits for the PlayStation(R) game console, the PlayStation(R)2 computer entertainment system and PlayStation(R)3 for 14 years. The company created the first three Spyro the Dragon(TM) games, the Ratchet & Clank(TM) franchise and Resistance: Fall of Man(TM), which combined to sell more than 25 million units worldwide. Insomniac Games recently released Resistance 2, its fourth PS3 exclusive title. In addition to making blockbuster video games, Insomniac is known for ranking among the top four "Best Small Companies to Work for in America" in 2005 and 2006 and among the Top 10 for 2007, according to the Great Places to Work Institute and Society for Human Resources Management. Insomniac Games announced the opening of a North Carolina-based development studio in January 2009. The new studio, which will be located in the Raleigh-Durham area, will focus on developing both current and new intellectual properties. Additional information can be found on the company's web site at

About Media Sunshine:
Media Sunshine is an independent game development studio that provides contracting and consulting services to publishers and developers, including Psyonix Studios, SouthPeak Games, 1C Company, and Artificial Studios. Heather Chandler, a producer with experience at Activision, Electronic Arts, and Ubisoft, founded the company in 2005. She was joined in 2006 by Rafael Chandler, a writer who has worked on games developed and published by Sony, Sega, and Ubisoft. Media Sunshine has contributed to the development of Monster Madness: Grave Danger, Two Worlds, Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, Spy Hunter: Nowhere to Run, and Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. Additional information can be found on the company's web site at

Posted by: Michael Everett - 12/13/07 @ 9:07PM

The Carolina Games Summit, formerly known as the Goldsboro Gaming Expo, will be held 10 a.m.-9 p.m. on Saturday, January 26, 2008 at Wayne Community College. Tickets are available to the public for $10 each and may be purchased online or at the door. The event includes industry speakers, video game tournaments, live music, exhibition booths and educational sessions. An exciting mix of fun, academic opportunities and career exploration has been created for students, aspiring game developers, educators and professionals alike.

Last year's summit doubled in size over the inaugural year, attracting over 1,400 participants to compete in 18 tournaments and experience more than 20 speakers from a variety of game development firms and educational institutions. To build on this phenomenal growth, organizers have added bands such as Select Start to recreate theme songs from popular games using classical instruments. In addition, students and budding game developers will have the chance to display their work in the newly created student showcase room.

Hands-on training sessions will also be a first at the next Carolina Games Summit, where seasoned game development professionals and college educators will lead tutorials on how to use game content creation tools including Adobe PhotoShop, Autodesk Maya and leading game engine software. A range of presenters including corporate executives, creative leaders and educators have committed to unveil business strategies, development techniques and more at the event. 

Distinguished speakers include:

Alexander Macris, Co-Founder, President, CEO - Themis Group, Durham, NC

Bruce Shankle, Senior Software Development Engineer, DirectX – Microsoft Game Studios, Redmond, WA

David Sipple, President – Music Wizard Group, Longmont, CO

Dana Cowley, Public Relations Manager - Epic Games, Cary, NC

Joel Gonzales, Engineer - 1st Playable Productions, Troy, NY

Attendees may participate in sponsored tournaments and enjoy unlimited free play on full-size classic arcades as well as the latest consoles and computer gaming systems. Outdoor attractions include the U.S. Army Mission Support Battalion’s "Adventure Van," a unique simulation system contained in an 18-wheel tractor-trailer, and the Panasonic Living in HD flagship truck, which includes the world’s largest plasma TV, all 103” of it.

Visit the official web site,, for a listing of events and additional details. Contact the event organizers, Phi Beta Lambda club advisors Michael Everett and Tracy Schmeltzer, at (919) 735-5151 or for more information on attending, exhibiting or speaking at the Carolina Games Summit.

Wayne Community College Phi Beta Lambda is a chapter in the college division of FBLA-PBL Inc. and is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The mission of FBLA-PBL Inc. is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs.

Wayne Community College, located in Goldsboro, is a public, two-year college serving more than 14,000 individuals annually as well as business and industry, and other groups in its service area with quality, economical, convenient learning opportunities.

SpeakersMr. Sipple is president of the Music Wizard Group.  David has 20 years experience in the software and TV industries, in sales, marketing and executive management roles.  Mr. Sipple joined the Music Wizard Group in 2004, helping it grow from a development company into revenue and operations.  His unique insights and approaches have consistently led to increased sales and ROI's with previous employers, the Home Shopping Network, Quarterdeck Software and SAS.  A diverse and experienced business leader, he also owns his own consulting firm Poseidon Dynamics.  David has a BS in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Wyoming and an MBA from the University of South Florida.  His interests include reading, swimming and music.

About Music Wizard Group:

Music Wizard Group is the leader in music videogame software that teaches anyone how to play real musical instruments.   Music Wizard provides a simple and non-violent, gaming solution that "cracks the musical code" of reading notation and delivers on the promise of real musicianship for everyone.   Music Wizard Group seeks to improve the quality of life by empowering more people with the gift of playing music and by promoting music as something to be shared and enjoyed together.

Music Wizard welcomes everyone to experience the joy, self-expression and liberation naturally gained through a relationship with playing music.  Backed by award-winning software, university produced Music Wizard Academy tutorials for parents and teachers, a proven song-based curriculum and a never-ending supply of musical content, the means is now available to unlock and ignite the creative musical genius inherent in all.

Music Wizard Group believes that the language of music is a birthright, something that anyone can learn and enjoy at any age, regardless of experience.  The company's core mission is to help bring about universal music literacy.

For more information visit:

Check out more information about David and our other speakers under our Speakers section.

ExhibitorsBAWLS was such a hit in 2007 that they're coming back.  The drink of choice for video gamers everywhere will host a huge on-site exhibit complete with thousands of BAWLS bottles to keep gamers energized all day (and night) long!  

BAWLS is the brainchild of entrepreneur Hoby Buppert, CEO of Hobarama, LLC, who named the drink for the caffeinated bounce it packs. Widely distributed to local super markets, convenience stores (7-Eleven), Target Superstores, CompUSA stores and gaming venues; BAWLS is a premium, non-alcoholic, carbonated beverage made from the guarana berry harvested in the Amazonian Rainforest.

The caffeine found in BAWLS Guarana contains the same amount of caffeine as coffee and nearly three times that of traditional sodas due to a naturally occurring form of the stimulant found in the guarana berry. BAWLS’ unique refreshing flavor tastes like a citrus infused cream soda, and its popularity continues to grow over a variety of different sectors including financial institutions, the fashion industry, technology businesses, military bases, extreme sports and college campuses. For more information, please visit


SpeakersAlexander Macris is co-founder, president, and CEO of Themis Group. In addition to providing the company's leadership and directing its key client engagements, he has served as editor-in-chief of the Themis Report, founder and the publisher of The Escapist magazine, and designer of the award-winning mini-game Heroes Mini. Prior to Themis, he was founder and CEO of WarCry Network, a community destination for entertainment enthusiasts, which he grew to over 1 million monthly users.

He is a graduate magna cum laude of Harvard Law School, where he authored a study on the effects of game design on community growth. Credits include Game Media Publisher (The Escapist Magazine, WarCry Network, Themis Report 2002, 2004); Game Designer (Heroes Mini, Settlers Mini, Death Star Designer); Game Publisher (Road Wars, Capitalism Plus, Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries); Game Consultant/Marketer (Fury, Neocron, Rubies of Eventide, Anarchy Online, Pirates of the Burning Seas, Underlight, Wish, Time of Defiance, Saga of Ryzom, Pocket Kingdom, Jumpgate, Gods & Heroes, Phantasy Star Universe, Driver: Parallel Lines, American Conquest, Blitzkrieg, Breed, Combat Mission 2, Project Nomads, Heroes of Might & Magic V, Star Wars Lethal Alliance).

He will present on:

Gamer Snacks - How to Profit from Bite-Sized Entertainment that Attracts Hardcore Gamers

Check out more information about Alex and our other speakers under our Speakers section.

Posted by: Tracy Schmeltzer - 11/15/07 @ 12:48AM
ExhibitorsCarolina Games Summit is excited to announce a new aspect to our event.  BANDS!  We can confirm the addition of Select Start.  They will be performing in our 400 person auditorium.

Select Start is the band that will bring your favorite Video Game moments to life with their live renditions of old and new Video Game music.  The six-member band uses their classical music and rock ‘n roll background to create a unique and versatile sound.  By combining their love of Video Games and Music, they are able to give all gamers and music fans an experience they will never forget.  Armed with two violins, a cello, flute, guitar, and keyboard these six have performed in conventions all across the state, trying to show the world the amazing sounds of the game. 

You can check them out at: or

Keep checking back we’re working on adding more bands to the list.

SpeakersJoel Gonzales is an engineer at 1st Playable Productions in Troy, NY. Before then, he received his Master's degree from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. During his time there, he played a major part in helping the university be the first in the state of Louisiana to offer courses in video game design & production. His credits include a serious game called "A Force More Powerful" as well as a kids game "GoPets: Vacation Island. " He enjoys long walks on the beach.

About 1st Playable Productions, LLC:

1st Playable Productions, LLC is an independent game development studio with a focus on handheld games for kids. We're here to make fun and great looking games! Games that build, not exploit, the entertainment brands that they represent. We love finding ways to get more out of limited game platforms, and are a licensed developer for Nintendo Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS, Microsoft Xbox, as well as other embedded game platforms.

NewsCarolina Games Summit will be exhibiting at the triangle’s first video game techonolgy showcase and career fair set for November 17th.   The Triangle’s video game community is experiencing robust growth, in part due to the unprecedented collaboration between private sector companies and the region’s internationally-acclaimed universities.

The region’s top video game companies are coming together for the first time to offer a first-hand look at the technologies that are driving the future of digital entertainment worldwide. .

Admission is free so come join us November 17th from 10 am-5pm at One Eleven Place,111 Realtors Way, Cary, North Carolina. Visit for more information


NewsPre-register online and reserve your spot at this year's Carolina Games Summit. General admission tickets went on sale this week at the price of $10. This includes registration for one official tournament and access to all the speakers, exhibits, and free-play gaming you can handle! Buying your ticket online will also give you access to pre-registered members-only Web content that includes private forums and additional features.

Pre-registered members will be able to register for tournaments online beginning December 1st. Keep visting for all the latest news and information on our upcoming event.

Exhibitors The U.S. Army Mission Support Battalion will again be exhibiting at this year's event. They bring with them a unique simulation system that must be experienced by all attendees and was a huge hit last year. Their exhibit will include an 18-wheel tractor-trailer that is a self-contained and climate controlled “Adventure Van.”

The Army Adventure Van incorporates several exhibits into one. While the specifics of the particular van appearing at the expo are unknown some example experiences may include flying or firing weapons on a helicopter, testing your skills and accuracy in operating an Abrams tank, or improving your marksmanship in firing an M9 on a simulated targeting system.

All experiences are simulated but with the realism required to prepare troops for real world combat.

News Phi Beta Lambda, a business club associated with Wayne Community College,  will host its third annual gaming event on Saturday, Jan. 26, 2008. The event, slated for 10 a.m. to 9p.m. at the college, will utilize a new branding identity that portrays the events regional growth both in attendance, press coverage, and industry penetration.

The effort, which began before the January 2007 event, is a fundamental shift in Phi Beta Lambda’s approach to the market. “Goldsboro Gaming Expo, in just two years, received unprecedented growth and exposure by bringing attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors from North Carolina to California and Florida all the way to Michigan,” said Michael Everett, III Creative Director for the event. “The new branding will establish a stronger emotional connection with our core audience and strengthen our overall position in the marketplace."
The new brand identity involves changing the event name from the widely recognized Goldsboro Gaming Expo to Carolina Games Summit and includes a new tagline, “Videogame Development and Tournaments Unite”. This tagline expresses our mission to bring together casual gamers, electronic sports enthusiasts, current/potential game designers, and their family members. The new name illustrates our commitment to promoting the North Carolina videogame industry, which recently grew to include both Destineer and Electronic Arts. A new website has been launched and is currently available for viewing at 
Posted by: Michael Everett - 01/29/07 @ 1:26AM

News With the crew still cleaning up from this year's expo and numerous news stories and press reporting on the success of this event we will attempt to keep you updated with links and footage.

The first of which is a front page story on Eyewitness News 9's website.  Please email us with more links to other news stories you hear about our expo.

Click here for a direct link to the Channel 9 footage.

Tournaments After our official tournaments were already locked in we added a new set of sponsors and two whole rooms of high end computers.  These tournaments will be run by a third party and will all be free the day of the event. 

Prizes will be supplied by the new sponsors who will also be exhibiting for the day.

Here are the games we will be offering for open-play and pick-up tournaments . . .

Unreal 2k4
Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
WarCraft 3: Defense of the Ancients (DoTA)
Age of Empires 3: The WarChiefs

We will have Steam on about 20 systems, so if people want to play other Valve games during any open-gaming sessions, they'll probably be able to.

Schedule of Activities (note: this is a not a set schedule):

FPS Room:
11am - - UT2k4 Instagib FFA
1pm - - HL2DM FFA
2:30pm - - Quake4 Instagib FFA
4pm - - UT2k4 DM FFA
6:30pm - - HL2DM FFA
7:30pm - - Product Raffle(s) on main stage
8pm - - Quake4 DM FFA

RTS Room:
11am - - DoTA
2:30pm - - AoE3
7:30pm - - Product Raffle(s) on main stage
8pm - - DoTA

Posted by: riplox Berens - 01/24/07 @ 1:33AM

PrizesAll Limited Edition 2007 13 Month GameStop/EB Games calendars are now spoken for. 

Calendars will be distributed during check in procedures the day of the event. Simply bring your PayPal ticket receipt and mention this promotion to receive your calendar(s).  All tickets purchased on or before January 23rd will receive a free calendar per ticket purchased!

These calendars feature full color artwork from unreleased titles including Halo 3, Virtua Fighter 5, Bioshock, and Madden 2008. Valued at $12.99 each, you get one free with every ticket purchased online, while supplies last!

Miss the promotion? Purchase your calendar online today by clicking here.

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