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SpeakersMr. Sipple is president of the Music Wizard Group.  David has 20 years experience in the software and TV industries, in sales, marketing and executive management roles.  Mr. Sipple joined the Music Wizard Group in 2004, helping it grow from a development company into revenue and operations.  His unique insights and approaches have consistently led to increased sales and ROI's with previous employers, the Home Shopping Network, Quarterdeck Software and SAS.  A diverse and experienced business leader, he also owns his own consulting firm Poseidon Dynamics.  David has a BS in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Wyoming and an MBA from the University of South Florida.  His interests include reading, swimming and music.

About Music Wizard Group:

Music Wizard Group is the leader in music videogame software that teaches anyone how to play real musical instruments.   Music Wizard provides a simple and non-violent, gaming solution that "cracks the musical code" of reading notation and delivers on the promise of real musicianship for everyone.   Music Wizard Group seeks to improve the quality of life by empowering more people with the gift of playing music and by promoting music as something to be shared and enjoyed together.

Music Wizard welcomes everyone to experience the joy, self-expression and liberation naturally gained through a relationship with playing music.  Backed by award-winning software, university produced Music Wizard Academy tutorials for parents and teachers, a proven song-based curriculum and a never-ending supply of musical content, the means is now available to unlock and ignite the creative musical genius inherent in all.

Music Wizard Group believes that the language of music is a birthright, something that anyone can learn and enjoy at any age, regardless of experience.  The company's core mission is to help bring about universal music literacy.

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Check out more information about David and our other speakers under our Speakers section.

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