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Tournaments After our official tournaments were already locked in we added a new set of sponsors and two whole rooms of high end computers.  These tournaments will be run by a third party and will all be free the day of the event. 

Prizes will be supplied by the new sponsors who will also be exhibiting for the day.

Here are the games we will be offering for open-play and pick-up tournaments . . .

Unreal 2k4
Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
WarCraft 3: Defense of the Ancients (DoTA)
Age of Empires 3: The WarChiefs

We will have Steam on about 20 systems, so if people want to play other Valve games during any open-gaming sessions, they'll probably be able to.

Schedule of Activities (note: this is a not a set schedule):

FPS Room:
11am - - UT2k4 Instagib FFA
1pm - - HL2DM FFA
2:30pm - - Quake4 Instagib FFA
4pm - - UT2k4 DM FFA
6:30pm - - HL2DM FFA
7:30pm - - Product Raffle(s) on main stage
8pm - - Quake4 DM FFA

RTS Room:
11am - - DoTA
2:30pm - - AoE3
7:30pm - - Product Raffle(s) on main stage
8pm - - DoTA

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