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Tobe Sexton, Lead Business Development Associate at GameScribes, will present a talk on localization at the upcoming Carolina Games Summit 2019 on Saturday, Feb 2nd. Many projects don’t think about localization until the game is done. The localization is done as a hack, and it’s obvious it was added later on. Have fun while learning or reviewing what it takes to get yourself and your game ready for international markets. Localization is more than just “Translating” words on a page. Here you will learn the nuts-and-bolts of what’s really involved and how to make the right decisions for you, your fans and your pocketbook.

Collaborative Creations

Tobe will review the History of localization and why it’s important to gaming culture. Then go over the services and all that is involved to achieve AAA localization no matter your platform or budget. This is for those that want to learn more about translation, localization and how to improve workflow communication to save time and make money.

This talk and all others are available with a general admission ticket to Carolina Games Summit. Visit our ticket page, to purchase your ticket now. Contact the event organizers at for more information on attending, exhibiting or speaking at the Carolina Games Summit.

About GameScribes
GameScribes is a video game localization company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Previously known as GTL Media, we provide game and audio translation, as well as quality assurance services through a global network of linguistic experts and dubbing professionals — supporting approximately 50 languages and over 100 dialects. Additional information can be found on the official web site:

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