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Posted by: Ross Ledford - 03/14/17 @ 12:03PM
The Amateur Esports League(AEL) announces their inaugural tournament Saturday, April 1st featuring Call of Duty: IW 4v4 at the Carolina Games Summit venue in Downtown Goldsboro, NC. The goal of AEL is to provide a true esports experience in an amateur setting, as a way to help aspiring video game athletes. After the initial event is complete AEL will host monthly Call of Duty tournaments with plans to expand to other games.

Ross Ledford, the event coordinator of AEL, hopes that the league will “allow more people to make their esports dreams a reality”. Because of the grassroots structure of the AEL, their events allow not only experience in tournaments but also production and event experience for volunteers. By fostering a community of passionate gamers, the Amateur Esports League hopes to help legitimize esports in the United States while also providing a fun and friendly environment for all attendees.


AEL’s first tournament will be April 1st, and will be a Call of Duty Infinite Warefare 4v4 tournament. The tournament will be their first payed tournament to date, with players fighting for their share over an over $1000 prize pool. Aside from being their first tournament, April first marks the start of AEL’s monthly tournament series. Starting out with Call of Duty and Halo, the Amateur Esports League will soon host monthly tournaments for all major esports games. With AEL’s leaderboards, players(and even possible sponsors) will be able to track the performance of themselves and their teams. By aiding players every step of the way, the Amateur Esports League will soon become a powerhouse in the world of esports.

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